Ecommerce v/s mCommerce: What can retailers look forward to?

What doesn’t lie in market analysis is the collection of realistic numbers and figures. They tell the story of what the trend is, how the next strategy should be formed and what can be done to boost the business success further. With mobile being in so much use for countless purposes, the ongoing sweet battle between ecommerce and mCommerce has sprung. Let’s get it straight from the actual statistics:

Mobile commerce has generated the expectations of nearly $32 billion the upcoming year, of which also account for the flat 7% of total ecommerce sales.

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The rise in business success speaks out well about how the ubiquity of tablets and Smartphones has become the preoccupation of the online commercial market worldwide. The pleasantly shocking part is that the rush is not stopping here and will continue to increase each year.

This giant success of mobile commerce has provoked a debate in place as to whether retailers should actually consider going mobile with optimized website or opt for an app. So in this sensitive online commerce world, what can aspiring retailers can look forward to? How can they claim ample customer loyalty? Here is what you need to know

Why customer prefer ecommerce app?

When retailers choose to experience the power of mobile commerce, the first benefits they derive is to form amazing engagement equations with their mobile fanatic customers. They can communicate with personalized snippets. But one point of concern they often face is developing the ability to remind the users of their brand and services. Mobile apps rescue these merchants and offer them an opportunity to prompt customers to consider their offerings through push notifications. The notifications include latest offers, customized discounts, trends, news and more without compromising their attention.

Market research is often seen going in favor of the popularity of mobile shopping, which is best supported by the fact that almost 89% of consumers take part in media activity using mobile app.

The future for mobile app is bright

Mobile is a handset that gives customers the convenient opportunity to make purchase with easiest and quickest steps possible. Retailers make sure to minimize the work done by consumers and offer them a one touch access to what they want. Apple Pay for instance allows consumers to complete their in-app purchase by just placing their finger against their phone for quick identification. Customers don’t have to wait and go through excessive steps to feed their personal information.

The role of a Responsive Design

In recent time, responsive design is much officially appreciated by Google, and people want to experience the best on their mobile exploring the website that is optimized to work nicely on mobile handset. As responsive design sets in seamless performance for mobile users and fits to the latest Google compliance, ambitious business owners can gear for it. Ecommerce businesses can improve their revenue numbers by implementing on the fact that mobile has becomes the part of our everyday life.

The truth about everything

The smart move for brands and merchants today is to think of the optimized mobile app that can fascinate loyal customers and treat them with a more excellent user experience. So if it all comes down to making an ultimate decision, retailers of online business can rely on product offerings, consumer behavior, target audience, market competition, etc.

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Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 9.2.1

Just a day after developers got their hands on the first build of iOS 9.2.1, Apple issued the same software to members of its public beta program for testing.

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Members of the Apple Beta Software Program can download the beta over the air through the iOS Settings app, or via iTunes. Interested parties can sign up for the beta program for free at Apple's website.

The software is likely identical to build 13D11, issued to developers on Wednesday. Users are warned that devices updated to iOS 9.2.1 cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS.

Changes made in the update remain unknown, but the identifier of 9.2.1 indicates that the forthcoming update is likely a minor update with bug fixes and security updates. Apple typically saves new features and major changes for a point-one release.

iOS 9.2 was released to the public last week. It boasts improvements to Apple Music, Apple News, Mail, iBooks, and support for Apple's Lightning to SD card reader.

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4 Things Beginner Developers Should Take Into Consideration

No developer likes to hear a critical remark made on their work simply because the ego they have nurtured through all the hard work of coding won’t allow them to bear with it. This is because even the most industrious developers are likely to feel frustrated, which is fair seeing how much complex coding they have to undergo.  This sort of negative feelings can become dangerous to their work.

No Matter what scripting language a developer have expertise in. Be it PHP, DotNet, Java or any other language, developer’s work is prone to mistakes that are commonly found across the various web development languages used. We have dedicated this post to all those beginner developers who confront many hindrances pertaining to their ongoing mistakes.

Outsource Web Entwicklung

Neglect for the back-up plan

This can strike as a real debacle to any good developer. You can’t be that naïve not being careful to save all your work as a backup storage.  Even the experts in this field have learned not to make this mistake, of course, through their practical experiences. The automatic backup tool may help you, but you can’t risk not saving your hard work. You are accountable for what you do, so be prepared to face the hard tell off from your clients if you fail to back up your good work. Use Github for the safe backup of your coding and essential data. Your client won’t listen to any of your excuses in case disaster hits you; all they want is expected outcome.

Low confidence level

What keeps you up, spirited and inspired during the entire development process is your own confidence level. You need it most especially when you are toddling in the web development world. It is normal to be nervous; however, once you get the hold of it, you will realize that coding is just the matter of time and practice. It may appear complex to you in the beginning, but it won’t be like that forever.

Poor SEO standards

SEO is attributed mostly to the SEO specialists, or online marketing professionals with thorough knowledge about how to rank up the websites on SEO search results. Many of us also believe that content writers are the ones who should take it over, which is true to a certain extent. It’s always wise to work for the end results from the very start. So developers should focus on SEO the moment they begin to develop the web site. What they can do is execute the technical SEO methods that involve optimization, W3C verification, sitemap.xml and Meta description and Meta tags.

Not optimizing page load speed

Even if you have tested you internet for its efficient working, the real test is when a user comes to visit your site and experience improper page load speed. Due to high resolution images, or rich media content or bad Java scripting, your website suffers from high load time. Maximum page load time is expected to be up to 8-10 seconds, beyond which patience breaks.

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12 WordPress Maintenance Tasks to Perform in Your Downtime

It is quite common that some of the Wordpress users keep the tasks, important for fast, smooth and search engine-friendly website, on the backside of the Wordpress.

You must indeed learn about phpMyAdmin, modifying. htaccess so that it can be beneficial to you on the long run. Simultaneously, have enough knowledge so that your website doesn’t fall in the value of disrepair.

This post is all about the tasks you should be performing to improve your website in the way it needs to be in.

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Backup Your Website

Backing up your website means having your website insured and this should be the first task on your list.

When you talk about backups, you need to keep in mind a few points:

·         Your backups must be kept at multiple locations like the cloud storage.
·         Minimum of 3 backup versions must be kept over a specific period of time. If your website hacked earlier, and if you keep a backup of its clean version, then it can be the worst idea.
·         Do not just keep the backup of the database, but even your files.

You can find ample of ways to create your website backups, including plugins like BackupBuddy, via Cpanel and as an integration of their hosting packages, daily automated backups are provided by a few hosts.


Keep Your Files Up to Date

Backing up your website is very important, but keeping your Wordpress core, theme and plugin up-to-date lies in the same class of importance.

Wordpress Core Files

If you want yourself from being hacked, you need to keep your Wordpress up-to-date. When you install Wordpress, hosting companies facilitate you with an auto-update checkbox which is quite appreciable.


Plugins are the backbone of Wordpress. There are approximately 38000 plugins from which you can choose the one appropriate for your task. You must consider 4 things before choosing one:
  1. Was it created by someone who is reputable?
  2. Is it compatible with your current version of Wordpress and was it updated?
  3. In case of issues, is any support provided?
  4. Does it have a fine number of active installs?
When you need to maintain your plugin, you need to keep in mind 2 rules:
  1. Once installed, keep them updated.
  2. Delete the plugins you are not using.
Keep in mind that if your plugin works well today won’t necessarily work well after a few days.


The rules for plugins that are mentioned above apply for themes too. Whenever you find an update for your installed themes, make sure you have your theme updated. Have a backup of your site and if you customize it, make sure you do not overwrite with the updated version.


Maintain your Database

Clean up your database to get rid of all the junk Wordpress can collect to have a smooth and quick run.

If you have an appreciable amount of content on Wordpress and if you include plugins, it will undoubtedly have a large database and also the fine amount of “overhead”.

Consider your database to be a library that is organized by Dewey- decimal system. You can assume some books can be borrowed and returned and it doesn’t take much time for an organized thing to get muddled.

A plugin WP-Sweep can be like your own personal librarian. It will keep each and everything cleaned up and in a tip-top, well-organized manner.


Review Functionality

A good user experience can be provided by checking and maintaining your website’s functionality. Surprisingly, all the small details are sometimes overlooked.

Test Browser & Device Compatibility

You must test manually if you own more than two devices and make sure it works on all platforms.

Test your Forms

You must test your forms to make sure they are functioning well if it’s your primary point of contact.

Check Navigation

If a user clicks on the link and is directed to the wrong site, or worse, if nowhere at all, nothing frustrates him more than that. Check if every link is responsive and directs the user to the proper site.

Find and Fix 404 Errors

You will find a 404 error on the screen if the bot is unable to find a page. It will undoubtedly result in a bad user experience.
An SEO spider, Screaming Fog can help you thoroughly check the website and see if it doesn’t show 404 error.


Measure Page Speed

Google Page Speed Insights can help you check your page speed as it is a significant ranking factor from Google. You can help your website to gain speed by doing the following:
  • Use a well coded theme.
  • Use a hosting company that encourages content delivery network.
  • Images on your site must be optimized.
  • Always compare your page speed before and after addition of a plugin.


Check Your On-Page –SEO

Though the importance of on-page SEO is decreasing due to increasing in the smartness of Google’s algorithm, there are still some basic guidelines you need to follow:
  • H1 tag should be used for your title only.
  • Use your keyword in the URL, keeping the URL user-friendly.
  • If your content has some specific topic, make sure you use your keyword at least once in a few hundred words.
  • Add an appropriate Meta description to each page and post.
  • Add outbound links to relevant sources or references.
  • Images used by you should be optimized.


Review Your Security

You need to get some security tips regarding your site if you want to prevent it from being hacked:

Look for anything suspicious

You need to check on three points that can consume hardly a few minutes:
  1. Plug your URL in a tool called Sucuri that will check for malware and make sure you are using a current Wordpress version.
  2. You must perform a regular check over your website and examine the content present in it.
  3. You can pull up your indexed pages by putting your website in Google using “”.
Consider a Security Plugin

When security is concerned, you must keep all files up-to-date, use a strong username and password and use a free plugin called Limit Login Attempts.
Even if you are not satisfied with the important aspects and want to still take your security up a notch, you can head towards plugin. All In One WP Security & Firewall and iThemes Security Plugin can be taken into consideration.