20 Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile App

In this article we are going to talk about top twenty mistakes that entrepreneurs make while building a mobile app.

1. Outsourcing application improvement abroad, blowing all their cash, and getting it reconstructed locally.

2. Expecting 'manufacture it and they will come'. Extraordinary applications don't circulate around the web without anyone else's input. They may appear to appear overnight, yet you can wager your life there's a deliberately executed promoting system driving it!

3. Not taking after the right procedure (Validate thought, fabricate MVP, re-accept, capital raise, popularize, and so on.)

4. Not considering promoting until the application has as of now dispatched or is days/weeks from dispatch.

5. General absence of arranging. Invest energy displaying and arranging your business. Attempt to comprehend what the future will look like because of your present methodology.

6. Arranging excessively. Try not to waste time assembling 40 page strategies for success that will be unessential in 6 months time.

7. Packing an excessive number of components. Your first dispatch ought to be a MVP that doesn't confound the client.

8. Excluding investigation. Following client conduct inside your application is the least demanding approach to increase genuine, target bits of knowledge for future application upgrades.

9. Accepting they can raise speculation off a cool thought alone. You can raise seed subsidizing for an application thought, however you'll have to showcase a compelling business opportunity.

10. Being stealth about their thought. Nobody is going to take your thought! You're squandering important contacts who can help you in the event that you don't share it.

11. Enlisting too rapidly. This is a surefire approach to blow all your trade out one go.

12. Not adhering to the procedure. This is a tiny bit unreasonable, yet in some cases you have to quit taking guidance, and begin adhering to the system.

13. Not putting resources into their application's posting page on the application store. Your screenshots should propel, your application portrayal punchy, and you need to rank very in quest postings for your picked watchwords.

14. Not spending enough cash on promoting. Regardless of the possibility that you're utilizing incline promoting strategies and channels, you ought to be set up to contribute a not too bad measure of your financial plan on advertising.

15. Endeavoring to scale rashly. You ought to just grow/scale once your business model is demonstrated and your business is prepared to make benefit.

16. Accepting that individuals will continue utilizing your application for eternity. The maintenance problemis that 90% of your application clients will abandon you inside 6 months.

17. Concentrating on the wrong measurements. Individuals tend to concentrate on downloads, Facebook preferences, grants, and other such measurements.

18. Overlooking associations. Insufficient new companies concentrate on organizations to extend their range or esteem suggestion.

19. Not hustling sufficiently hard. Take a shot at your own marking and raise your profile. Go to startup occasions. Meet individuals, make contacts and gain from individuals who've as of now been through what you're experiencing.

20. Timing. Dispatching too early could imply that you're propelling into a business sector that isn't prepared for your item/benefit. Propelling past the point of no return could imply that your business sector is soaked with wild rivalry.

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Facebook’s New Image Stabilization Tech Makes Shaky 360-Degree Videos Smoother

Facebook is investing more resources into 360-degree video, a format that is gaining popularity on its platform as more users gain access to 360 cameras. The company’s last count revealed that 250,000 360-video clips had been uploaded to the social network since September.

Today, Facebook announced that it is testing a newly built image stabilization technology specifically designed to make 360 videos smoother. Facebook claims that its tech is unique in that it combines standard 2D algorithms with 3D techniques, and a new “deformed-rotation” motion model, to create a hybrid stabilization architecture. The company plans to eventually roll the system out on its social network, and the Oculus VR platform.

What this fundamentally means for general users is that your 360 videos that capture motion will soon be optimized to eliminate any shaky footage that detracts from the format’s immersive experience.

“As [360-video] cameras become more prevalent, the range and volume of 360 content are also expanding,” states Johannes Kopf, research scientist at Facebook. “It’s not always easy to keep the camera steady and avoid shaking, particularly when filming motion (like a mountain bike ride or a walking tour) with a handheld camera.”

Facebook states that the tech improves efficiency for 360-degree video, with a 10-20 percent reduction in bit rate for the same video quality. The system can also stabilize the format in less than 22 milliseconds per frame on a standard machine, allowing videos to be smoothed out in less time than it takes to play the video at normal speed. If you want an in-depth guide to how the tech works, you can read about it in Kopf’s dedicated blog post.

Facebook is also testing a hyperlapse algorithm as an extension of its main stabilization system. The tool will allow users to speed up lengthy 360 videos (such as a long bike ride). It does this by changing the timing of the video frame timestamps to balance out the camera velocity. Facebook hopes to make the hyperlapse option available to all users in future versions of the tech.

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Google Maps Gets New Navigation Notification, Automatic Map Downloads, More

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Android: Google Maps just updated with a ton of tiny but useful changes. Chief among them, the persistent notification you see while using Navigation now has a new look that makes it much easier to tell where you’re going.

In previous versions of Google Maps, if you launched Navigation and then left the app, the notification you’d see was visually identical to other notifications. This made it hard to tell at a glance where you were going. Now, the notification is bright green and has obvious direction arrows for each turn. This is so much nicer.

The new app also has a toggle to automatically download map areas. With this switch activated, Google will detect the areas you’re in most frequently and automatically download the areas. Those map downloads make it possible to search and use navigation even when your connection sucks, so it’s nice they’re automating the process. If you want to try out the new version, you can either wait for it to rollout or download it from APK Mirror.

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March’s security update for Android is here

We’re only one week into March, and that means a monthly security update is due for Android devices. Google published details regarding March’s security update earlier today with a massive list of patches and other goodies.

This security update is rolling out to the following devices:

  • Nexus 5 (MMB29V)
  • Nexus 5X (MMB29V, MHC19J)
  • Nexus 6 (MMB29V)
  • Nexus 6P (MMB29Q)
  • Nexus 7 2013 (MMB29V)
  • Nexus 9 (MMB29V)
  • Nexus 10 (LMY49H)
  • Pixel C (MXC14G)
  • Nexus Player (MMB29V)
With the exception of the Nexus 10 remaining on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, all of the devices listed above are on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

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Don’t want to wait for Google to push a software update to your device? Then do things manually. Get the factory images from Google and follow these instructions provided by our Brad Ward. The over-the-air update should be rolling out in the coming days and weeks. Even later, owners of non-Nexus devices should expect to see March’s security update arrive.

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Facebook's Photo-Sharing Moments App Now Supports Video Too

Image Courtesy http://www.theverge.com/

Facebook's Moments app was introduced last June as an easier way for people to share photos with their friends. Now a new update has widened Moments' scope, adding support for video, as well as pictures. The app — available on iOS and Android — scans through your smartphone's photo roll using facial recognition technology to spot photos of specific pals, allowing you to automatically tag them without arduous busywork, and making it easier for you to share them directly with the people included in the picture.

Moments has capitalized on Facebook's face recognition tech, but the new update doesn't bring the feature to videos — instead you'll need to manually add them to the slideshows the app creates from your pictures. Facebook has pushed Moments pretty hard so far, slotting advertising into users' News Feeds, and replacing its photo sync option on mobile with a link to the app. The company says this effort has paid off, driving more than 400 million photos to be shared between users since Moments' launch last year.

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Facebook Live Videos Will Be Given More Prominence Thanks To An Algorithm Update

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Facebook has been heavily promoting its Live Videos feature since making it available to general users alongside celebrities in December. Now that the live streaming functionality is available on both iOS and Android, the social network is updating its news feed (the timeline of status updates you see when you log in) to display Live Videos above older clips.

Facebook will be hoping this encourages more people to use the feature, which already faces stiff competition from the Twitter-owned app Periscope. The viewing numbers for Live Videos, on the other hand, are already promising.

Earlier this week, when Facebook introduced the feature for Android, it stated that on average people watch a video three times longer when it is live compared to when it is not live. The higher engagement rate was likely the catalyst for the update. As Facebook puts it, live streams are “more interesting in the moment than after the fact.”

This isn’t the first time Facebook has rejigged its News Feed algorithm around video clips. In 2014, Facebook made an update that moved videos that had higher viewership figures to the top of timelines. The social network also takes into account the likes, shares, and comments on a clip in order to ascertain its placement on the News Feed. Additionally, last year, its algorithm began showing users similar videos based on clips they had watched in the past. It also monitors a viewer’s interaction with a clip, including the muting of sound, whether HD capability has been turned on, and if the video is watched in full screen in order to suggest more content.

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Microsoft Planning To Release HoloLens Clicker Accessory To Improve Interactions With Holograms

Image Courtesy http://mspoweruser.com/

Microsoft HoloLens interaction model involves three key elements: Gaze, Gesture and Voice. Gaze – What you’re looking at, and how you target, Gesture – An “air-tap” gesture that HoloLens will recognize, and which allows you to drive selection, Voice – to control using voice commands. Gestures allows you to take action. Simply raise your hand with your index finger raised, and tap down with your index finger.

While gestures work great on HoloLens, it may become inconvenient for users to use them again and again over a short period of time. To fix this problem, Microsoft is planning to release a bluetooth clicker accessory that will help you in interacting with Holograms. The clicker accessory looks like the above. You have elastic finger loop to avoid it from slipping from your hands and you can charge this device via micro USB.

Microsoft is planning to release HoloLens development kits to developers in the next few months.

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3 Design Ideas That Will Optimize Conversion On Your Fashion Store

The main reason why your ecommerce store design matters more is the fact that customers tend to feel more fascinated by the first impression you place in their minds. A complicated design full of boundless challenges to understand the on-site content will repel your customers so bad they will join any other platform that is easy to comprehend and buy from.

Magento Agentur
Having a great design is especially important when it comes to selling fashion merchandise online. Fashion Webstore has to be elegant, crisp and user-friendly, catering to all of the customers’ needs in the quickest time possible. After, all what is the point if you get visitors, but can’t see them buying from your website. So don’t give your competitors a reason to gloat at your inability to attract and convert incoming traffic and follow the tips discussed below: 

Virtues of mesmerizing store design

There are three major virtues of having the perfect ecommerce fashion store that drive engagement, conversion and high ROI. Discuss your design idea and expected outcomes with your Web design agency. It will help concoct a highly impactful design keeping these three principles in the center of your design strategy. 


On your ecommerce store, everything you have to say about your products need to be flawless and clear so as to avoid any scope of confusion. Stay clear about what you offer and show them upfront to your customers on the main home page. Clarity is also welcome when it comes to choosing colors, size, fit, volume, stock and shipping details. This is where the expertise of web design associate can truly help. 


If customers are unable to find what they want, they will storm off in frustration. Don’t make it difficult by adulterating your fashion store with unnecessary showy items just to impress them. They don’t appreciate getting confused on their way to check out process. To make their journey easy, seamless and enjoyable by adopting a simple yet crisp design. Mention all your point of access on your homepage itself so that they don’t have to struggle much to find you at the time of need. 


Create a better look and feel by choosing the custom design. Take a good word of advice from your ecommerce website design specialist. Appealing look of the ecommerce fashion store is most expected since you represent fashion and style. So your website design must convey your ecommerce brand, mission, goal and overall personality. 

The idea of a mature architecture

If you are serious about your business online, you don’t want to hazard your persona visible to them. Don’t give your customers a hint that you are into fashion just to plunder immodest money. The sober, sensible and sweet approach must be weaved to form a mature architecture. Get these points right to increase the chance of conversion: 

  • Make all the options clickable and noticeable
  • Responsive and compatible mobile viewing
  • Reflection of business goals through meaningful animation  and expressive images
  • Dynamic navigation and infinite scrolling
  • Minimum ads and steps involved in the checkout process
  • Clutter-free User Interface to ensure excellent user experience
  • leverage on high definition photography and demo video
  • Utilize the home page with promo offers, rewards and main attractions of your store
  • Minimize verbal exhibition and emphasize on a storyboard layout  

Visual order of importance

Visual hierarchy is the most vital factor in tempting visitors and is crafted on the principle that human eyes tend to capture the larger items more often as compared to smaller ones. This makes them click those items of consideration more often – the objects that make much sense to them based on the priority concept. With that being said, important items must be placed prior to others and made larger to stand out from the rest of the page. 

Apart from order, the effectiveness of your web content is also attributed to the choice of color for fonts, navigation tabs, website background and Call to Actions. If your background is green or blue, use red or yellow call to actions to make it prominent. 

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Do You Think Woocommerce Fits Your Business Expectations?

A handful of ecommerce sites have been developed since few years, but among them, Magento is the most recommended one. With the arrival of WooCommerce, Wordpress had its scratches filled up. It is such an ease to use and you can even unify your blog, brochure and an online store within a single system. This is beneficial for improving SEO, makes management easier and website development cost is reduced when compared to 2 separate solutions.

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Key to the sudden success of WooCommerce

It is explained clearly by Mark Forrester, the co-founder of Woo themes:
  1. A solid, reliable base platform was established for free and open to the developers who wish to contribute and develop their own extensions.
  2. A great team of passionate developers was developed who can democratize eCommerce just like Wordpress democratized publishing and who are tuned to community wants.
  3. The rapid-emerging Wordpress community has grabbed the opportunity to develop an excellent ecommerce center. Hundreds of extensions have been developed that holds ecommerce as a platform of choice.
These factors have been remarkable in the Wordpress history. The aftermath makes Wordpress the world’s leading CMS but now is the rival of Magento.

How capable is WooCommerce in reality?

Security and scalability are the two biggest concerns that most people have. These were the trending issues at WooConf and the industry experts presented insightful presentations.

Can WooCommerce scale?

WooCommerce comes with a better caching system and it scales very easily, as said by the CTO of Wordpress hosts Pagely, Joshua Eichron. Ample of server resources are consumed only when the clients make calls to the server and visit the non-cached pages. However, for this, you just need to upgrade your server hardware in proportion to the number of purchases that take place, so you can keep the hosting expenses in control.

Other plugins can possibly cause scaling problems. This is because they consume a good amount of resources. They can even prevent your pages from being cached. Thus, the limitations of scaling don’t lie in the amount of traffic or the number of transactions made. It is however stated by Eichron that WooCommerce is not the ideal solution for stores who have product in huge bulk. It gives satisfactory results for stores having products less than 100,000 products only. If products are above this, an alternative enterprise system is needed to be searched for. An advanced search of multiple products can make the database queries slow. This happens when the database structure is not planned carefully from the outset.

What about the WooCommerce security?

It is demonstrated that no system can be 100% secured. Still, WooCommerce is much secure like other equivalent systems in the market. The chances to add value to the businesses of the clients, along with eCommerce are becoming a trend.


Facebook's Instant Articles Will Draw From More News Outlets

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Facebook first announced its so-called Instant Articles last May, serving up news articles quickly for mobile consumption. However, the list of publishers was super limited, but that's about to change. Starting in April, the social network will open up its Instant Articles platform to any publisher interested in taking advantage. If you'll recall, the tool lets you peruse a full article's contents without leaving the Facebook app, nixing the need to hop over to a web browser to do your reading.

Of course, this means that you'll spend more time using the Facebook app now that you don't have to wait for external pages to load. Zuckerberg & Co., have worked out the analytics and advertising side of things with publishers so the revenue and traffic numbers are all accounted for. Reports surfaced late last year that the quick-loading Instant Articles weren't bringing in a lot extra dough, but the feature was still iOS-only at that point. The platform launched on Android back in December, and it looks like Facebook is ready to keep expanding now that its giving everyone access.

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How Can You Make Checkout Process Less Boring For Your Customers?

Doing everything to ensure customers don’t flinch at the checkout process is nothing new. It goes without saying that making a checkout process worthy of ease and accessibility will definitely bring more profit to your ecommerce store. So if you want to become an ecommerce star in the market, you better start taking care of how customers really feel being and eventually crossing check out threshold.

Outsource E-commerce Entwicklung

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Think about your own experience. Would you like to rush to a store that displays more than enough, you need to make your final purchase? Customers are determined and confident about what they want. So in this state, treating them with the seemingly eternal checkout process will give them a hard time. They are not in some kind of tough spot where number of obstacles will add to their excitement.

Less is truly more: condense the checkout span

Global cart abandonment is hitting the peak level now and it has become the official prevalent concern in the market. Ecommerce market experts on their quest for cart solutions have discovered that congestion of too much clutter on customer’s way out can discourage them to take further action.

In a study by UPS, 20% of people said their main reason for basket abandonment was that the checkout process was too long and confusing.

Cart laden with merchandise is abandoned because there is a long wait down the line, boring and exasperating. Chuck out extra loads of information or even form requirements. Let buyers lounge through the checkout funnel; make it fun and enjoyable and concise.

Support excellence

Do you provide feel-good support to your customers? This is especially necessary when they have made up their mind about a product but just need a last-minute help. This is the best chance to increase conversion for your online store.

No matter how precisely you have prepared product description, there would always be something about the product you sell, or services you give, that can puzzle them. Ask them upfront by automatic pop up of the chat box. Discover their problem and offer solution that is tailored just to answer their questions rather than propose a sales pitch.

Install progress indicators

This is a crucial one having ability to be a king among different checkout solutions. So we will take you a little deeper. If you know where exactly you are going to stop to reach the final stage in your marathon, you will feel the sudden confident enthusiasm. Here comes the heroically solution: Progress indicators.

Using the progress indicators in a vivid design at a noticeable position on your checkout page will resolve the problem by informing them comfortable where they are in the process and how much patience they need, and for how long.

This is also beneficial to customers when they have little time to finish the whole business of purchase. They will continue their checkout journey in knowledge that they will reach the final finish line after a certain number of steps. This psychology is highly applicable in Progress indicators.

Don’t trigger the bombardment of ads

Are you still torturing your customers with sudden pop ups of the ads during their checkout process? This is a mammoth mistake. Filling their funnel path to product purchase will bring no glory to your business. Nobody would like to be attacked by annoying bombardment of ads that are irrelevant or won’t make sense to your customers. So purge those ads, and if you are into paid advertisement, make sure you checkout phase does not suffer.

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How Can I Get More Returns On Ecommerce Investment?

When it comes to ecommerce website, the return on investment mainly depends on:
  • How much you spend to date
  • What your outgoings are
  • What you sell
  • Your competition
  • Your marketing strategy
  • Your website pricing
  • Your ecommerce solutions
For some clients, it is easy to sell products daily while some of them still strive for it. Where do you start? 

Ecommerce solution

You need to analyze an entire business plan if you need to come up with a good ecommerce website. Your ecommerce website becomes the ladder to your success if you are an ecommerce website owner. Your online store must be ideal to customers, i.e. it must be responsive, reliable, inviting, trustworthy and customer-friendly. You need to keep the customer clung to your websites and make sure that he faces hindrances as less as possible.

Competitively Priced Products

It is quite obvious that you need to manage all the sales of your products. Depending upon the way you sell your product, the online market can become price driven.  Competitive pricing doesn’t mean that you sell your products at cheaper rates. IF you are looking forward for cheaper business, it is important to know that cheap product businesses have lower budget due to tight margins. Moreover, it may be even more difficult to grow that type of ecommerce business.

Online Marketplace

Marketplaces can fasten your product sales and thereby increase your product volumes, too.
Your website can show increased sale and more audience if you come up with optimum prices for your products, better than the other web stores.

Channel System Integrations

If you sell your products at multiple marketplaces, other than your own website too, then check out for channel system integration. Store Feeder, Channel Advisor or Linnworks is some of the channel systems that can help you to manage your product features like pricing and stocks very efficiently across multiple channels. It will cut off your administration so that you can focus more on marketing and price negotiation which are important, thus advantageous.

Website Marketing

Once you are done with making up your website, integrated with a good channel system and better pricing, the thing you need to focus at and work with is the real asset- your ecommerce website. It is important to know that ecommerce websites have great potential to gain remuneration than any other sources.

You can increase your marketing fund. There are multiple types of marketing:

Affiliate type

This is a marketing type that involves zero risk because you only have to pay the affiliate only when you make some sales. There lies a main difference between affiliate marketing and marketplace. You can drive an audience to your website, the fees are lower and moreover, you can re-market to the customers.

Pay-Per Click Marketing

If you have an assist of a good Pay-Per Click (PPC) Marketing company, you can drive a good amount of traffic to your website. It should be noted that it is important to monitor cost per conversion and cost per click to know the profitability of your sales. It is possible to have remunerative change in your business within 6 months of PPC Marketing. If not, it may be doubtful about the effectiveness of your PPC Marketing Company.

Search Engine Optimization

It is a well known fact that for any online website, SEO is the best long-term marketing strategy. However, SEO requires long term planning, good investment, commitment and a trustworthy search engine marketing partner.

Google is the search engine that keeps changing the algorithms. You need to create worthy profile to Google as well as other search engines.


How Does Woocommerce Qualify To Be Your Dream Ecommerce Platform?

The world of online business has become so much dependent on different innovation and facilities provided by web technology. E-commerce business is a kind of niche that constantly seeks awesome features and breakthrough tactics to increase conversion, engagement and sales. This requirement of online business can be cleverly fulfilled by online e-commerce store.

Of all the available e-commerce CMS platforms, Woocommerce is the kind of plugin that effectively covers everything from SEO, cost and performance – everything that an online shop can demand. So what exactly it is that makes Woocommerce a perfect choice for your e-commerce store? Apart from everything discussed here, communicating your precise business needs with the Woocommerce development agency or Freelance Woocommerce expert would be a great move.

WooCommerce Experten

Woocommerce befriends SEO

Wordpress has always been an honorable hero in the world of content management because it is best loved by SEO experts. It provides convenience and ease when it comes to editing the body of content online, including Meta Description. This gives your business the best chance of ranking top of Google search pages for specific product pages.

It is Open source and free

You won’t have to foot the bill if you are a merchant wanting to taste the power of the Woocommerce shopping platform. Among the range of most and high-quality, competitive CMS available in the e-commerce market, Woocommerce is free to download. Though it is open source and free of cost, it offers mature and scalable features with amazing flexibility achieved through extensive additional extensions.

Professional, scalable and flexible

Professional: Ask any Woocommerce specialist and they will tell you how professional the platform is. Practically, Woocommerce provides custom solutions to all your online business needs: Order tracking system, customer engagement tools, discount and delivery management, shipping options, and everything in between.

Scalable: With additional extensions, both paid and free, you can enhance the appearance and scalability of your e-commerce business. If you run a professional website with blogs, adding Woocommerce plugin can change the whole dimension of the site. With a touch of Woocommerce extensions, you can build a fully functioning, scalable web store with strong online business presence.

Flexible: You don’t need to be tech-savvy for bringing the flexibility with product display and category. Be it selling price, product description, or other product attributes, without knowing the technical aspects of things, you can easily make changes to it.

Exclusive Woocommerce Features for you to embrace 

  • Smart widgets for execution of up-selling and cross-selling tactics
  • Integration of Google Analytics for e-commerce traffic tracking
  • Share This, Share Your Cart and Share Daddy components to allow customers to redeem coupons or indulge in shared purchases with friends.
  • Offline gateways simplified with Cash on Delivery, Cheque payments and BACs.
  • Countless extensions and plugins to enhance the functionality and features of the website.
  • Provision of multi-location shipping made possible with international and local delivery and pickups.

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WhatsApp Smashes One Billion Monthly Users Milestone

Image Courtesy http://www.thedrum.com/

Mobile messaging service WhatsApp has demonstrated its growing popularity after it racked up a billion monthly users for the first time ever.

The record-breaking figures show the service is continuing to go from strength to strength since its acquisition by Facebook with 42bn texts and 250m videos being sent by the service daily.

Attracted by its lack of monetisation and usage fees, users have gravitated toward the service in increasing numbers.

Despite this apparent dominance, WhatsApp still trails in key markets such as China and South Korea, where local players such as WeChat and Kakao Talk hold sway. The company's decision last month to axe subscription fees may go some way to closing that gap as well as allowing it to explore new revenue opportunities such as advertising.

Jack kent, mobile analyst at HIS, told the BBC: “Facebook had just started pushing people to its own standalone Messenger apps when it bought WhatsApp. But there was a risk it could have been acquired by a competitor and Facebook would lose millions of highly-engaged mobile users to a rival. "But WhatsApp still faces those challenges from domestic players who monetise their services very well. It remains a competitive area."

Facebook snapped up WhatsApp for $19bn back in 2014 and continues to push its own Messenger app, which now serves 800m monthly users.

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How can online retailers ensure safe ecommerce transactions in 2016?

Recently observed rise in Ecommerce industry has profited so many digital retailers. This year’s black Friday sales has been a living proof that putting on a user friendly online store is an inevitable necessity. The rush to online shops this year has outweighed the traffic in brick-and-mortar shops.
While many ecommerce entrepreneurs are looking to build a fascinating online shop for customers, there are many among them who feel scared of doing so. So what is the challenge?

More and more hackers are entering online stores with a fake everything and steal the information of value. Increase in ecommerce market trend also brings dreadful increase in fraudsters preying on online businesses. EMV rules seemingly felt safe at the moment; but there is still doubt that these hackers are likely to move in for more such criminal actions.


Facebook’s Android App Now Supports Browsing Via Anonymity Service Tor

Image Courtesy http://tech.firstpost.com/

Users of Facebook’s Android app can now privately browse the world’s largest social network through the anonymity service Tor, the company said on Tuesday.

The feature expands a collaboration that allowed Facebook users to directly access its site via Tor’s browser on personal computers. It comes as policymakers and technology companies debate whether digital privacy should be curbed to help regulators more easily thwart hackers.

Kate Krauss, a spokeswoman for the Tor Project, a group of developers that oversees development of the anonymity software, said Android support could help expand Tor due to Facebook’s large following. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users.

“Everybody in the world needs more privacy online and almost everybody is on Facebook, Krauss said via Signal, an encrypted messaging service. “This will allow people to choose whether to share their location or not. For some people, this is convenience. For others it is lifesaving.”

Tor has no plans to support Facebook’s mobile app for Apple Inc’s iPhone, Krauss said.

Facebook said in a blog post that a “sizeable community” has grown around its feature launched in 2014, which allowed users to access its site via Tor on PCs. That has prompted calls for additional Tor support, it added.

Tor is used to hide computer IP addresses, typically by concealing the identity of an Internet user. Its popularity has grown following revelations of U.S. spying on the Internet by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in 2013.

Tor was funded by the U.S. government as a communications tool to be used by dissidents in oppressive countries, but it has increasingly drawn ire from U.S. spies who are frustrated by how difficult it is to monitor the platform’s users.

Using Tor on Android requires a download of Orbot, an app that is used to connect to Tor, and updating Facebook’s app settings.

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How Can You Add Zest To Mobile Experience For Enterprise?

Mobile experience is more than just a need at the time when living a day without Smartphone in hand would be an impossible event. We are living in the world that is constantly accelerating its pace. If you are a business thriving on a wide spectrum of customers, you must address the need of customers after knowing what exactly they are after and up to.

Mobile Applikation Entwicklung

These customers also include your staff, employees, partners, and they all need special access and facility to fulfill their expectations. So the first approach towards building a perfect and pleasurable mobile app, you need to minimize the hazards and fussy troubles that jump between business initiative and success.

To build an app that is able to fit into the mold of customers requirements, focus your business around 3c: convenience, control and compatibility. You can give shape to enterprise-friendly mobile design accordingly. So on that note, we are going to get in depth of impressive mobile experience for enterprise and how you can add zest to it.

Hiring the outstanding talent

Business oriented applications are the new attraction in the app store. Mobile is the builder of bigger ROI for many enterprises so turning to mobile apps can sure be a lucrative move. The mobile application building requires altogether unique thinking, open approach and relevant skills in order to accommodate specific as well as generic needs of users. Now a days trend is that a lot of enterprises hiring the talented mobile development specialists to build test and operate the app.  Your ultimate decision needs to be conscious of expertise you unite with as it will ease your journey with development partners. It will also help you economically and save a lot of time and efforts.

Choosing business-driving technology

Technology plays a big role in driving greater business value; there is a lot that you can do by adopting the new ways of dealing with demands from customers and employees. Having a responsive website in place is one way of addressing your business requirement.

Mobile apps developed using the mobile-specific platforms are also a terrific solution to putting your customers at ease and gaining the maximum benefits through maximum mobile engagement.

Ask yourself why you are building the app and what you would like to achieve in the end. Once you know the business objective, It will be easy for you to discover the ways to approach the development solutions.

HTML5 combined with CSS can be a great solution if you want to launch the product fast into the market without losing much of your budget criteria. Develop a site that can be used across various devices and browsers with different size and capacity.

Analyze your development

The mobile application is a daring move to mobilize your business and extend its reach. While Native apps can result in amazing UI/UX, it takes the dedication bigger time frame and also gives you a little hard time to fit into limited budget.

Analytics for pre-development and post development process is essential to optimize the app. Mobile app onboarding is vital after you have launched the app to engage maximum fans and enrich their user experience. The main factors of focus while running analytics are frequency of download and reviews, which you can later monetize. So optimize your enterprise app to interactions and behavior of users using constant analysis and measurement.

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