How can online retailers ensure safe ecommerce transactions in 2016?

Recently observed rise in Ecommerce industry has profited so many digital retailers. This year’s black Friday sales has been a living proof that putting on a user friendly online store is an inevitable necessity. The rush to online shops this year has outweighed the traffic in brick-and-mortar shops.
While many ecommerce entrepreneurs are looking to build a fascinating online shop for customers, there are many among them who feel scared of doing so. So what is the challenge?

More and more hackers are entering online stores with a fake everything and steal the information of value. Increase in ecommerce market trend also brings dreadful increase in fraudsters preying on online businesses. EMV rules seemingly felt safe at the moment; but there is still doubt that these hackers are likely to move in for more such criminal actions.


Facebook’s Android App Now Supports Browsing Via Anonymity Service Tor

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Users of Facebook’s Android app can now privately browse the world’s largest social network through the anonymity service Tor, the company said on Tuesday.

The feature expands a collaboration that allowed Facebook users to directly access its site via Tor’s browser on personal computers. It comes as policymakers and technology companies debate whether digital privacy should be curbed to help regulators more easily thwart hackers.

Kate Krauss, a spokeswoman for the Tor Project, a group of developers that oversees development of the anonymity software, said Android support could help expand Tor due to Facebook’s large following. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users.

“Everybody in the world needs more privacy online and almost everybody is on Facebook, Krauss said via Signal, an encrypted messaging service. “This will allow people to choose whether to share their location or not. For some people, this is convenience. For others it is lifesaving.”

Tor has no plans to support Facebook’s mobile app for Apple Inc’s iPhone, Krauss said.

Facebook said in a blog post that a “sizeable community” has grown around its feature launched in 2014, which allowed users to access its site via Tor on PCs. That has prompted calls for additional Tor support, it added.

Tor is used to hide computer IP addresses, typically by concealing the identity of an Internet user. Its popularity has grown following revelations of U.S. spying on the Internet by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in 2013.

Tor was funded by the U.S. government as a communications tool to be used by dissidents in oppressive countries, but it has increasingly drawn ire from U.S. spies who are frustrated by how difficult it is to monitor the platform’s users.

Using Tor on Android requires a download of Orbot, an app that is used to connect to Tor, and updating Facebook’s app settings.

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How Can You Add Zest To Mobile Experience For Enterprise?

Mobile experience is more than just a need at the time when living a day without Smartphone in hand would be an impossible event. We are living in the world that is constantly accelerating its pace. If you are a business thriving on a wide spectrum of customers, you must address the need of customers after knowing what exactly they are after and up to.

Mobile Applikation Entwicklung

These customers also include your staff, employees, partners, and they all need special access and facility to fulfill their expectations. So the first approach towards building a perfect and pleasurable mobile app, you need to minimize the hazards and fussy troubles that jump between business initiative and success.

To build an app that is able to fit into the mold of customers requirements, focus your business around 3c: convenience, control and compatibility. You can give shape to enterprise-friendly mobile design accordingly. So on that note, we are going to get in depth of impressive mobile experience for enterprise and how you can add zest to it.

Hiring the outstanding talent

Business oriented applications are the new attraction in the app store. Mobile is the builder of bigger ROI for many enterprises so turning to mobile apps can sure be a lucrative move. The mobile application building requires altogether unique thinking, open approach and relevant skills in order to accommodate specific as well as generic needs of users. Now a days trend is that a lot of enterprises hiring the talented mobile development specialists to build test and operate the app.  Your ultimate decision needs to be conscious of expertise you unite with as it will ease your journey with development partners. It will also help you economically and save a lot of time and efforts.

Choosing business-driving technology

Technology plays a big role in driving greater business value; there is a lot that you can do by adopting the new ways of dealing with demands from customers and employees. Having a responsive website in place is one way of addressing your business requirement.

Mobile apps developed using the mobile-specific platforms are also a terrific solution to putting your customers at ease and gaining the maximum benefits through maximum mobile engagement.

Ask yourself why you are building the app and what you would like to achieve in the end. Once you know the business objective, It will be easy for you to discover the ways to approach the development solutions.

HTML5 combined with CSS can be a great solution if you want to launch the product fast into the market without losing much of your budget criteria. Develop a site that can be used across various devices and browsers with different size and capacity.

Analyze your development

The mobile application is a daring move to mobilize your business and extend its reach. While Native apps can result in amazing UI/UX, it takes the dedication bigger time frame and also gives you a little hard time to fit into limited budget.

Analytics for pre-development and post development process is essential to optimize the app. Mobile app onboarding is vital after you have launched the app to engage maximum fans and enrich their user experience. The main factors of focus while running analytics are frequency of download and reviews, which you can later monetize. So optimize your enterprise app to interactions and behavior of users using constant analysis and measurement.

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5 Tips That Make Your Customers Fall For Your Ecommerce Store

Customers on your ecommerce website won’t rush to check out just like that. They need to trust your online business and be sure they are in safe hands. So if you have just started your journey in ecommerce market, the act of converting potential prospects into real buyers could be a headache for you. This is why we have narrated a few points in this article that will help you go easy on your goal. Let’s check what they are and how they can reduce the disaster of abandoned carts to increase conversion.

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Ease of payment process 

Of all the reasons why customers leave cart, poor payment gateways and lack of payment options are among the majority. For customers enjoy secure shopping experience, check out process must be quick and smooth. Make the process flexible by incorporating most payment options. PayPal can be thought as a an options as trusted by so myriad users as it offers both security and ease. 

Avoid deceptive costs 

Be clear and transparent with additional costs that you display in your store. Allow your customers to take a look at how much exactly they will be paying before they reach the page where they will be asked to process the final payment. Don’t choose to trick them in the name of the truth. Unexpected charges will affect their decision, especially at the crucial threshold of the checkout page. So list the fair cost clearly on your website. 

Treat with rewards 

Customers love receiving graceful treatment and you earn their loyalty by making their online shopping experience delightful. Offer them free shipping knowing that they are making heavy purchases from your store. Reward them by giving them free delivery on certain amount of purchase. This is the fruitful way to convert visitors into paying customers. For instance, inform them that they will get free delivery on orders of £50 and above. 

Create a lasting trust relationship 

Maintain a positive image in their mind and build mature reputation as an ecommerce entrepreneur that understands customer needs so well. For this to come true, get them to trust your products and services by showing customer reviews from other users. Reviews make your brand look authentic and credible. Buyers will develop a feeling of trust and security and look forward to building long trust-based relationship with your business. 

Mobile website 

Computers are long replaced by mobile; people tend to have everything mobilized now, including their shopping. Since users become more dependent on mobile devices, Ecommerce retailing has jumped to the mobile screen. Desktop site would be too slow for compact mobiles and tablets. This requires a responsive design that fit the smaller screen with amazing flexibility.

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WhatsApp Users Targeted By Phishing Campaign

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A new malware attack targeting businesses and consumers using WhatsApp has been discovered by the Comodo Antispam Labs.

As part of a random phishing campaign, cybercriminals are sending fake emails representing the information as official WhatsApp content to spread malware when the “message” is clicked on. The attack is aimed at PC’s rather than Android – but obviously with WhatsApp as a mobile app, this affects WhatsApp users on Android and other mobile OSes.

In order to spread the rogue malware and infect computers, the cybercriminals are using multiple subject lines:
  • You have obtained a voice notification xgod
  • An audio memo was missed. Ydkpda
  • A brief audio recording has been delivered! Jsvk
  • A short vocal recording was obtained npulf
  • A sound announcement has been received sqdw
  • You have a video announcement. Eom
  • A brief video note got delivered. Atjvqw
  • You’ve recently got a vocal message. Yop
The attachment contains a compressed (zip) file, in which a malware executable resides. The malware is a variant of the “Nivdort” family and usually replicates itself into different system folders, adding itself into an auto-run in the computer’s registry.

This type of email targeting is typical of how todays viruses are spread; be smart and don’t open attachments that are from people you don’t know, are unusual or out of context without seeking confirmation as to their legitimacy first – it’s asking for a nightmare!

What do you do to avoid getting caught in the virus trap?

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